Third Grade: Week 2 Plans

Week 3 (9/14/09) Our Lady of Sorrows, Rosh Hosannah, Jackson’s Birthday

Circle Time: Apples

  • A September Finger Playby Bertha E. Bush (from Little Acorn Sept. Newsletter)
  • “Apple Tree”(from Little Acorn Sept. Newsletter)
  • Apple Star Story
  • The Sleeping Apple(from Little Acorn Sept. Newsletter)

Main Lesson:

Container Story/Jewish Studies:

  • Monday: Oma arrives, childhood stories, What is the Torah? Intro to Jewish faith
  • Tuesday: Jewish Calendar
  • Wednesday: Farm harvest.  Go to Tuttle’s Orchard and pick apples, learn about orchard farming
  • Friday – Rosh Hashanah, bake challah

And There Was Light – Creation

  • Monday – read “The Worlds’s Beginning” and “Michael and the Dragon”
  • Tuesday – read “The First Day of Creation”
  • Wednesday – read “The Second Day”
  • Thursday – read “The Third Day”

Story of the Bible: The Story of a Beautiful Garden – Genesis 1:1 to 3:24

Secondary Lessons

Social Studies: Childhood stories, Hebrew alphabet

Math: Re-do 2 times clock, review 3 times table (oral counting, oral problems, 3 clock, 3 star)

Nature Study: Apples

Grammar: Nouns – common and proper

Independent Reading: Little House on the Prairie (2-4 chapters)

Handwork: Knit x 2

Form Drawing: Crossing the Midline

Music: Recorder – Review B note, Intro A note

Other: Journal x2 , HWT

RE: Our Lady of Sorrows


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