A Good Day!

And thank goodness for that because Thursday didn’t exactly go as planned.  The car broke down at the end of the driveway.  Thank goodness it was only the serpentine belt and a bracket that needed replacing and for my handy husband who fixed it!  We didn’t make it to homeschooling co-op, but the kids enjoyed playing in the front yard on a beautiful day and I got in some knitting on the front porch.

Friday brought positive energy our way.  The kids had playmates all day and they went out in the backyard early and only came back in for food.  I had enough opportunity to balance a wee bit of knitting and all of Alex’s lessons between taking care of the little girls.

I made a birthday cake and Alex made some challah for Rosh Hashanah.

DSCF9335And then the mail came and brought all kinds of goodies!  The wooden bears from You’re Inspired (thanks for the link JoAnn) that I ordered for Jackson’s birthday came:DSCF9344My swap package from the Autumn Season’s Round Swap came and we were all completely smitten with it’s contents:

DSCF9326A million thanks Sara!

And then the Sept/Oct. Mothering magazine came with my dear husband’s poem, “Daddy’s Sonnet” published on page 24.  It’s his first paid published piece of many I’m sure!  I’m so very proud!


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