Mama Blessing

DSCF9388Good friends, good food

DSCF9423Some henna

DSCF9460And a big ol’ 35+ week pregnant mama!

My dear friends, JoAnn and Katrina, threw me a mama blessing over the weekend.  They decorated my house with beautiful mums, acorns, leaves, silks, and candles for the season.  Friends brought over delicious food to share, most of which also spoke of the Autumn season. We sat in a circle, connecting ourselves with yarn around our wrist and  then JoAnn and Katrina each read a couple of verses/poems that they had chosen.

DSCF9463My friends each chose a bead and strung them together with their prayers, thoughts, and wishes to create a most lovely labor necklace.  We then all enjoyed each other’s company and yummy food while my belly was painted with henna.  I chose the three spiral pattern from a book.  It’s suppose to represent the divine, the earth and the person.

DSCF9453It was simply lovely and I thank everyone who came, sent beads, and sent their thoughts and prayers my way, but most especially JoAnn and Katrina for their thoughtfulness of the the whole event.  It meant the world to me.


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