Dwindling Energy…

but things still need to be done, so I’ve been doing my best.  I have several lists going: birth supplies, meal plans, groceries, household items, clothing needs, chores, homeschooling needs and to-dos…

I’m not checking many things off of all of my lists, but it makes me feel better to have them.

37 weeks is almost here, which means that baby will be coming soon.  How has time flown by so quickly!?  My midwife goes out of town to a conference this weekend and I’m getting the “final” pregnancy adjustment from my doctor on Friday.  Those two things coupled with my husband’s plans for working late on Monday next week has me wondering if this baby will also come in week 37 like Izzy.  Um, I better hurry up and get those darn birth supplies ready and order the After-Ease sooner rather than later!  Oh, and I need to make the white chocolate and raspberry scones too!  It is the BEST post-labor/birth food in the world and goes so well with orange juice (all my babies have been born in the early morning hours.)

I really don’t mind though if the baby would like to stay put a little longer though.  I still have plenty of sewing and knitting to keep me busy.  I finished a little hat, but I think it might be better suited for a doll’s head than a baby.  It might fit a newborn, maybe.  I think I’ll work on a pair of newborn longies and then transition to making winter hats for the crew.

Autumn is my favorite season and today actually felt like Autumn!  There are so many great outdoor activities to do in the Fall and we’ve been doing all we can!  We went to the Hoosier Outdoor Festival this past weekend and had a great time.  We had the chance to canoe, shoot bows and arrows, shoot guns, make gorp and edible camp fires, go horseback riding, hike, go fishing, and several more activities – all for free!

And after a full weekend and a full Monday with playmates and little bit of housework and school, it is time for me to listen to my body and go rest.


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