Welcome October!

DSCF9476So much build up to the month of October this year and now it’s here!

This month, we’ll be welcoming our fourth blessing into this world and become a family of SIX!  I’m officially 37 weeks today and labor will be welcomed whenever it should happen.  We ran around like crazy people last night gathering last minute birth supplies and a couple of new nursing bras.  We had our home visit with our midwife two days ago and everyone seems to be on the same page.  The diapers have been repaired, washed, and folded.  All the wool covers have been washed, lanolized, and dried.  The newborn clothes are washed and ready.  Hand-knit baby sweaters, hats, and blankets are ready to welcome our little one.  He/she even has a towel hung in the bathroom awaiting his/her arrival.  And, of course, there are three very excited older siblings waiting ever so patiently.

Predictions on the baby have been fun to hear.  Izzy says the baby girl will be born on Saturday morning, as in two days from now.  My mom has been telling family that she’s sure that I’ll have an 8+ pound boy soon.  My brother thinks the baby will stay put until the 18th, so it can share my parents’ anniversary.  Jackson and Alex are both predicting the baby is a boy.  Fun stuff!  Any predictions that you wanna share?

I didn’t get to everything that I wanted to get to before the baby’s arrival, but I’ve definitely got a head start on many things that should help in the transition time.  I still have many sewing and knitting projects, some for Christmas, Winter, and Halloween that aren’t completed or started.  But, I remember knitting and sewing like a crazy woman after the birth of my other three babies and still feel confident in my abilities to get to what’s important.  The third bedroom never officially made the transition to a big girl/guest room, but it has been de-cluttered and is a bit closer to this goal.  Izzy is reminding us of this project frequently these days, so I imagine it will happen sooner rather than later.  And the elusive minivan is not sitting in our driveway, but we have a plan for that one too.

Alex is counting down the days to Halloween and is ever so excited to go trick-or-treating this year.  Jackson can’t wait to go to the pumpkin patch to pick out his carving pumpkin. I’m looking forward to many days spent outside in cooler weather in awe over the colors of the season.  Ahhh, I love October!


2 thoughts on “Welcome October!

  1. I love it too.
    So glad to hear that you are feeling ready for this wee babe.

    I am so excited for you and the rest of your family to welcome this newest blessing. 😀

  2. I predict it will be a beautiful human baby and that we’ll pick out a name shortly after it is born. I also predict that if he/she is delivered before I’m able to get home to you, he/she will start off his/her life grounded.

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