Third Grade Update

We finished up our study of Creation last week with our paintings depicting all seven days:

DSCF9497Alex’s – He loved working with the wet-on-wet technique, especially being about to take away the paint!

DSCF9498Mine – I enjoyed it as well, though I’m really interested in learning more.  I really want a book and/or a video or two!  My loving husband also let it be known that we needed paint boards instead of my thrifty solution of using the kitchen cutting boards.

We celebrated Michaelmas last week.  We had a busy week and didn’t get to all that I hoped we would.  We spread out our celebration and stories and had a pretty good time with it all.   I read the baby dragon with the hiccups story from ALGF Before the Journey book at circle time and various other St. George and the Dragon stories with Alex through the week.  We finally did accomplish a variation of dragon bread on Friday/Saturday – cinnamon rolls shaped into a sort of dragon:

DSCF9489I attempted to shape the first roll into a dragon head.  Alex poked in eyes and nostrils and I added a little extra cinnamon to accent it.  The dragon head didn’t really survive the second rise or the baking and in the end it looked like a sheet full of regular cinnamon rolls, which isn’t so bad in itself for Saturday morning!  No complaints here!

Today, we dove into double main lessons: Sukkot for our Jewish studies and Cain for our Old Testament studies.  We learned about Sukkot from The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays (loving this resource!) and Alex summarized it in his MLB:

DSCF9495Then, he built a model sukkoth from popsicle sticks and nature’s goodies from the backyard:


DSCF9501I thought it turned out so well!  I did the hot gluing for him and he did everything else.  He decided on the pine needles for the sides, small twigs for the back, and leaves for the top.  We’ll be adding it to our nature table and decorating the inside of it tomorrow, as well as building an indoor life-size sukkoth so we can eat lunch under it.

We read the first two stories of Cain today, basically the introduction of who Cain and Abel are and their personalities.  Alex is familiar with the story already.  Here’s his summary and picture from his MLB:


DSCF9503I think this is one of my favorite pieces of work from him so far!  He did it completely on his own and took so much pride in his work!  He explained the drawing technique that he used (he didn’t outline and then color it in, but stretched the colors into forms – his words.)  Drawing the lines with the block crayons has really helped him with his writing.

Knitting and recorder are coming along.  I’ll be introducing the G note later on this week and I’m sure Alex’s skills will surpass my own at that point.  He’s loving it and will take to self-teaching if mama can’t keep up.  Thankfully, papa is much more musically inclined and can likely lend us a hand!


3 thoughts on “Third Grade Update

  1. First off what a delicious looking dragon bread. What a great idea building the sukkoth with popsicle sticks for the nature table. I am going to steal your idea if you don’t mind.

  2. For music, we’re using Oak Meadow Beginner and eventually Intermediate Recorder. We had them on hand from a couple of years ago and never used them until now.

    Please steal any ideas that you can gather here! I appreciate all the inspiration I gather from blogs and to know that we’re inspiring others is a huge compliment! Thank you!

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