Knitting – WIP

I just finished up a very girly pair of longies yesterday:

DSCF9533I realized that in washing and lanolizing all of the wool covers the other week that they were mostly darker colors and either gender neutral or boyish, so I decided to do something girly.  I used chocolate colored yarn for the waist and ruffle cuffs and pink for the main part of the pants, all yarn from my stash!  I used a combination of the Sheepy Pants pattern and Little Turtle Knits basic longies pattern.  I’m very happy with the result and will be thrilled to either use them on our baby or gift them to one of my many pregnant friends – of which the list just grew!

Since I finished up something pink, it was time to cast on something blue:

DSCF9532It’s the Norwegian sweet baby cap pattern that I was going to use with some lace-weight yarn, but decided that the math was simply beyond me at this point.  I discovered this left-over self-striping blue sock yarn in my stash and thought it would be perfect for the pattern.  I’m hoping that it will turn out okay and actually fit on a baby’s head, but I already have doubts that it may be better suited for a slightly larger toddler head instead.  Oh well, plenty of those around too.  Onward I knit.


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