One Sunday Afternoon

I finished the blue hat:

DSCF9539And positively adore it!  I’m seriously itching to go to the yarn store to buy more sock yarn to knit more, many more of these little hats.  It’s exactly what I hoped it would be.  Have you seen the beautiful hats that Waldorfmama sells on etsy?  That’s what I wanted and that’s basically what this pattern gave me!  For whatever reason, I knit up the 1yo size.  I searched on Ravlery a bit and found a few suggestions for a newborn size (for those interested): CO 109 stitches, knit the 7 rounds of garter stitch, knit 8 pattern repeats [using 18 stitches between the increases and decreases] including the plain rounds in between, do only the decreases and cast-off.

You’ll also notice my belly made the above picture.  It’s hard to miss, lol!

DSCF9538Izzy developed a cold in the past 24-hours, poor girl!  She’s extra cuddly with mama and papa and extra talkative too.

Daddy is nesting.  He planted the mums that I received at my Mama Blessing a few weeks ago and then set to work on winterizing the bedroom windows with plastic.

The boys have been enjoying some audio stories and will likely be increasing their collection and listening time in the coming weeks.  We’re planning a trip to the library tomorrow with pick up a few audiobooks in addition to the ones we have on hand.  It must be the season because Soulemama was blogging about the same thing earlier this week!

I was able to get our homeschooling plans done on Sunday instead of early Monday morning.  Here’s what we have in store:

Week 7: 10/12/09

Circle Time: Leaves

  • “These are the brown leaves” Autumn, page 48
  • “The Wind and Their Leaves” A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme, 173
  • The Anxious Leaf” – For the Children’s Hour (available at

Main Lesson:

Container Story: Jewish Studies and Farming

  • Monday: Discuss farm buildings
  • Tuesday: Discuss dairy farm
  • Wednesday: Discuss butter and cheese making
  • Friday: Make ice-cream!

And There Was Light

  • Monday: read “How Cain Slew Abel” & “Adam Buries Abel…”
  • Tuesday: read “Seth, the New Brother” & “An Angel Reveals…”
  • Wednesday:  read “Adam’s Death” & “The Sons of Cain”
  • Friday: read “Jabal, the Tamer of the Animals”

Social Studies: Farm structures, Columbus Day

Nature Study: Leaves

Math: Review 6 times table – oral, clock, star, problems

Grammar: Nouns – singular and plural

Independent Reading: Little House on the Prairie, 4 chapters

Handwork: Finish knitting coaster, learn to cast off

Form Drawing: Crossing the Midline

Music: Recorder – Practice songs with G,A, and B

Other: Journal x2, HWT x2

RE: Rosary month, work on rosary book

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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