About the Yarn Store

It’s a wonderful place, full of beautiful colors and soft, luscious yarn.  It’s a great place to go all by yourself when you can stay for as long as you like or even occasionally when you just need to run in for a quick fix.

It is not, however, a place for multiple small children.  I’ve learned this lesson many times over, but still I make this mistake.

Jackson declared that instead of a red cable hat for winter this year, he’d like me to knit him a gold hat and ASKED to go to the yarn store.  I would have been fine if only him and I went, but no, I didn’t want to wait for that opportunity.  I wanted some sock yarn to knit more hats, so I was more than eager to head to the yarn store today, even 9 months pregnant with three kids in tow.

I knew when Jackson said gold that I was in trouble.  What is gold exactly to a 5yo boy?  He didn’t want yellow or orange or brown.  He wanted gold.  I think what he wanted was a sparkly glittery gold, not necessary a lovely shade of gold.  The poor lady at the yarn store brought him every semi-gold shade of yarn in the entire store to which he replied, “No, not like that.”

Izzy became restless, like any normal 2yo would, and took to entertaining herself in the kitchenette in the back of the store and then the buttons at the front of the store.

Jackson finally found some gold yarn that was somewhat affordable and then decided that he wanted it with purple yarn, only a completely different weight and kind of yarn.  Ahhh!  He wasn’t crazy about the gold yarn after all and finally decided that the purple yarn that he picked out was just what he wanted and I bought it… even though I have purple yarn at home ready to knit a hat for Jackson (before he changed his mind to gold!)

At least Alex got an entire book read in the time that we were there.

I left spending more than I wanted of my birthday gift card and stressed out from the whole ordeal.

Remind me next time to just order the yarn online – it’s worth my sanity to pay the shipping and wait a few days.


5 thoughts on “About the Yarn Store

  1. LOL! I’ve yet to take this crew into a yarn shop….for exactly the type of reasons you’ve shown.

    The bravest I have been is to take all of them in to Michael’s together. At least then I can put Whinnie in the little cart and keep her entertained by giving her things to look at and feel.

    Theo LOVES shopping for yarn. He picked his blues for his hat and scarf this year.

  2. been there,done that, burned the shirt. I leave the yarn shop so frazzled, that I WON’T do it…but when in the world am I without children!?!?!

    I am thinking of you often these days: your comfort, wishing you peaceful nights, manageable days, the relief that will soon come in not having to wait, and sweet prayers for a safe and healthy birth. I wish I lived closer to bring you a meal!

  3. Shame Papa Acron! LOL ((((hugs)))) Just repeat this next time the urge to go with all the children strike “I can order from knit picks and JoAnn will help me get free shipping.” 😉

  4. Lol, I say the same time every time I’m leaving the store with viktor and he’s just one little guy! You are one brave woman!

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