And the Next Day…

Autumn was born!

IMG_0192After having a few episodes of mild prodromal labor in the past week, labor kicked in full force on Friday evening around 9 pm.

DSCF9570James called the midwife shortly after the second contraction and I began to walk laps around the living room and kitchen while having contractions every 3-5 minutes.

DSCF9578I began pushing at 9:28 pm.  The midwife arrived about 10 minutes later, and the baby arrived 10 minutes after the midwife – a surprise to us all!

IMG_0198Autumn Elizabeth was born at 9:48 pm on October 16th.  She was born with her hand up on her cheek and her cord serving as a necklace.  She weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20-3/4 inches long.

DSCF9577Mama, Papa, and baby are doing very well.  And she has three very proud older siblings!



DSCF9584And now we’re just all enjoying life and being a family!

Happy Birthday Baby Autumn!


6 thoughts on “And the Next Day…

  1. Congrats! I love all the pictures of all the older kids holding her. So sweet!!! I’m so glad everything went well! Glad the midwife made it! We met with one tonight and it went great!

  2. she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congratulations and much love your way!!!!! Enjoy your babymoon and oh, that sweet baby with those amazing cheeks 🙂

    PS – her longies are lookin’ so cute, too. Nice job, mama!

  3. Those pictures are beautiful! Congratulations again, you all look so happy!!!

    Oh, and when you get a chance could you let me know how you liked your midwife?

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