It positively broke my heart…

DSCF9586He’d been asking for a haircut everyday for two weeks now.

DSCF9596And I tried to talk him out of it.  I tried to keep him still and give him a slightly shorter variation of his regular cut.  I thought he would grow tired of holding still and lose interest, but in the end, it didn’t work.

DSCF9599So, I listened to him, respected his wishes for what he wanted, and gave him the buzz cut like Daddy and Alex.  He loves it

I cried.  Tell me that he’ll want it to grow back.


4 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. He might. He is a BIG brother now and processing a lot of things though…2 little sisters and being 5 and all.

    He’s still absolutely beautiful!

    I remember when Theo started wanting a haircut ‘like Papa’ and it was a good indication of where he was developmentally.



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