My Knitting Fits!!!!

Not the best pictures, I’ve been relying on my i-phone for a lot of pictures lately because it’s handy and the digital camera has been acting up.  I had to share that most of the baby knitting that I accomplished while pregnant is in frequent use and fits!

Here’s the pumpkin hat and longies that I made upon discovering that I was pregnant and due in October:


And the pink cardigan (the first sweater I’ve ever attempted and the gauge didn’t work out, but it doesn’t matter because it fits!):

IMG_0234And I think you’ve seen the pink girly longies in previous posts and the pink and brown blanket in almost every picture I have.

DSCF9622The blanket is the big bad baby blanket from Stitch & Bitch and I can’t tell you how much we love this blanket.  I made one in blue while I was pregnant with Izzy and then started on this pink one afterwards.  It was intended for my niece, but by the time it was finished, my niece had her first birthday and had no need of a wool baby blanket (especially since she lives in Texas!)  So I held onto it for the next baby girl – who knew that it would be my own!?

After more than a week of almost non-exisistant knitting time, I figured out how to squeeze in a little yarn time while still meeting the needs of my little ones. I finished up a hat and cast on for a new one, but I’ll share those pictures on another day.


3 thoughts on “My Knitting Fits!!!!

  1. Wonderful! Such lovely work and such a beautiful baby (and older siblings) ~~ I’m deep into holiday knitting now so it encourages me that a much more experienced knitter is having good results. 😀

  2. Awwwww! Isn’t that the BEST knitting feeling? 🙂

    She is beautiful, by the way … just a really beautiful baby (but I know you know that) And those picture, iphone or no, convey a lot of love.

    That wee sweater …. ohhhhh! So cute!

    Best Wishes!

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