Darn Cold!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve been struggling with a head cold for the past few weeks.  At first, it was a mere annoyance, but then it developed into more of a full blown bug.  Yuck!  I’m just thankful that it’s just hit me and none of the kids so far.

I have some back posting to share of our third grade lessons these past few weeks, though we did take off this past week and only ever so lightly mentioned Martinmas.  I was sad not to get a full-blown celebration in, but between my cold, daddy’s thrown out back, and a newborn, I think it’s completely understandable and let go of any guilt that I was feeling.  Alex has done some excellent work that I can’t wait to share .  He’s been really great with motivating himself and doing more independent work while I tend to other things in the kitchen while he works.

Squeezing knitting time  in has been a challenge lately too, so I don’t have much to report in that department.  I’m going to have to find a way to fit it all in with Christmas being 6 weeks away and presents needing to be to knit (and sewn.)

I must not have done enough nesting while I was pregnant because I’m still on a de-cluttering and organization streak – thank goodness!  The office/sewing room has been enduring an overhaul in hopes of transforming into a sewing/bedroom for a certain little girl.  The playroom will be next!



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