Thanksgiving Week

What a week!!!  We started out with a new purchase:

A 2004 Ford Freestar minivan!  Since becoming a family of 6, we couldn’t safely go anywhere as a family in one car, so it was time.  The kids are thrilled with the new vehicle, and mama and papa are once again able to enjoy talking to each without being interrupted!

Excited for the week of Thanksgiving, we had a happy, full school day on Monday finishing up our first Old Testament block with Noah’s Arc.  We had a little catching up to do and made easy work of it.  Alex has been working on making an arc of his own from popsicle sticks.

Come Tuesday, Alex had a fever and wasn’t up for much of anything.  I finished telling Noah’s story while Alex rested.  He was back to his regular self come Wednesday, but Izzy started in with a stomach bug.

Thursday brought our small family feast and by dinner time, everyone was feeling well!

We did our regular day-after-Thanksgiving ritual of going to the Christmas tree farm and picking out our tree (okay, I admit that I did a wee bit of shopping in the morning – but only one store to get some sewing supplies to make gifts.)

I even got my favorite family picture at the tree farm (look at all those hand-knit hats on those lovely heads!):

We got back home, set up the tree in the living room, and “it” began.  I started not feeling well and Jackson said his head hurt.  Less than an hour later, and we were both in bed, not holding down anything.  A few hours after that, Alex and James joined us, and before the morning, Izzy had a relapse.  We’re not sure if baby Autumn had it too, but if she did, thank goodness that it was very minor!  Having the entire family sick at the same time was awful, but thankfully short lived.  We’re on the mend, though Jackson is still battling it.  He’s anxious to get better, not wanting at all to sleep during the day!

We got caught up on our Christmas movies and James made us a wonderful soup full of love – turkey, rice, and barley with lots of veggies.  It’s a quiet day, and that’s something to be thankful for!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week

  1. Oh, congratulations!! So glad you guys found a van that suited your needs. They are so wonderful to have even if we are a family of *only* 5. But giant dog counts too, right?

    Sorry all of you have been pukey and so glad you’re feeling better!!

  2. Yay a van!!! Boo to the stomach bug. Christmas tree day is my favorite day in the month of December! We get ours this weekend. Hope everyone is well and we can see you guys Thursday!

    And Mary your Giant dog could count as 2. 😉

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