Before and After

Having little ones around means that we’re constantly putting stuff on top of any surface out of their reach.  Eventually, things start looking like this:

And we had been having problems with the toys on the floor in the same manner, so drastic action had to be taken and quick before mama lost her cool again.

I talked it over with the boys, who were quite logical, and agreed that we needed to reduce the amount of toys in play so they wouldn’t have to deal with the mess, and neither would mama.  So every chance that I’ve had these past few weeks, which haven’t been many, I’ve taken an armful of toys to the garage or stowed a few things away in the closet.  It’s made a big difference, but we still have a bit more work to do.

And I’ve been able to tackle some of those stuff-full surfaces:

(The platter and wine aren’t normally there, but it was the morning of Thanksgiving when this picture was taken.)


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