Handmade Christmas

All the supplies have been gathered.  All the projects are lined up and waiting for spared minutes here and there for me to work on them.  I’ve already had to prioritize certain projects just in case they don’t all get done.  Here’s what I’m working on:

  • Waldorf doll for Izzy
  • Diapers, clothes (my goal is to at least have a gown for the doll, clothes will come later,) and a sling for the doll
  • Pajama pants for Alex (for Christmas Eve – I bought Izzy’s on clearance over the summer and decided that Jack had too many PJs and will be getting flannel sheets for his bed instead)
  • Name buntings for each of the kids to hang over their bed
  • Quilted pillows for my MIL’s couch
  • Mittens for Izzy (the first one is almost done!)
  • Longies for Autumn
  • Mittens for Alex and Jackson if time permits
  • Another “elf warrior” hat for Autumn, who outgrew the other one already!

The pictures I ordered for the Christmas cards arrived yesterday, so I’ll be putting those together, as well.  And let us not forget all the Holiday baking.  I just started thinking about that, and it will be cut back this year to accommodate everything else we have going on.

What Holiday projects are you working on?


3 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas

  1. I am knitting my oldest two sons hats in colors that they chose, napkins and a picnic blanket to go with my daughter’s picnic basket and dishes, rainbow felt horses.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Almost finished with the hat for my FIL. Will be starting Zoe’s stacking bean bags tomorrow I hope. Need to knit Sierra’s hat, and figure out something else to gift to Z. We are trying to do a need a want and a surprise this year.

  3. My husband made more wooden animals for The Little’s barn, I am the painter he is the builder. I am working on Goldilocks and the Three Bears peg dolls for Little Sis ,this is by far her favorite story. Beeswax candles and then the baking. I love Christmas :).

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