Math Games

We were inspired by Our Little Nature Nest and created some numbered jewels and game boards for ourselves to review and practice place value and the four processes.  We used a Sharpie to write numbers 0-9 twice over for a total of 20 numbered jewels.  For our game on the four processes, I had Alex put a process symbol on each square.  We played with a 4-sided die.  Each turn, a gnome would move the rolled number of spaces, grab two numbered jewels, and do the practice problem.  The exception was the division spaces, in which we made division cards.  Each card had four division problems on it, for each number on the die – whatever number was rolled was the problem that he did.  The game worked just like Candyland.  A six-sided die could just as easily been used as long as the division cards had six problems on them instead of four.    We’ve had lots of fun playing this game!


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