The Doll

I ordered the 14″ doll from Joy’s Waldorf during her retirement sale.  I’ve been ever so pleased with the kit and thoroughly enjoyed each step of crafting this doll.
I’ve learned many valuable lessons during the process:  sewing a knit fabric, stuffing with wool, shaping a doll head, hand sewing the doll together, crocheting…

I was really looking forward to ordering more supplies and making a few friends for this baby…

That is until I got to crocheting the wig.  I didn’t know how to crochet, so a very dear friend came over a week before Christmas to teach me.  I picked it up fairly easily with the worsted wool yarn and was pleased with my work.  I switched over to the mohair yarn to actually start making the wig.  Um, this yarn is AWFUL!  It looks like doll hair when neatly wound up in a ball, but crochet it (at least by a newbie) and it looks like a hairball that a dog coughed up – and you might know that my “thing that I just don’t cope well with” is hair – ewwww.  I was nauseous while beginning this wig.

I’m still working on it little by little, trying to overcome my feelings.  I’m not too sure how it will turn out.  I’m trying to have faith that it will turn into a lovely doll wig once finished and combed out, but thankfully, I knit up a hat that’s the perfect size for the doll by chance before baby Autumn came.  If all else fails, the various online Waldorf doll stores re-open with the new year and sell pre-made wigs.


7 thoughts on “The Doll

  1. Your doll looks great! I am just commenting here to say that you don’t have to crochet a wig. The dolls I have made (one from magic cabin, one from weir dolls, and one from toy making with children) have always had different options that I have used that have turned out well. I am not sure if the Joy’s pattern didn’t have those different options for you or if you just like how crocheted wigs turn out? Anyway, happy holidays!

  2. Yeah, I love making the dolls and hate making the hair. Viktor’s doll got new hair for christmas and it renewed my dislike. I don’t even mind the straight crocheting it, but the pulling of stitches to make the long hair and then trying to continue to crochet is the worst.

  3. Pam that turned out beautifully!

    I make hair the simple way. Just wind yarn around a book, tape it, run the taped edge through the sewing machine, rip tape off and then hand stitch it on the head in rows.

    It’s definitely not as pretty as the full out way I’m sure, but when I read the directions for doing it that way I full out panicked and thought my animals would just be bald LOL

  4. How’s the hair? You were such a brave and willing student. Don’t let mohair sour you on crochet. I think you did a really good job by the way. ❤

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