Doll Hair Update

The doll is complete with hair now.  I had quite a ruffle going in my first attempt.  I kept waiting for it start making a bowl shape, but when I realized that I was missing a wrap in each of my stitches, I mad the decision to start over… that was on Christmas Eve day.

I discovered these incredibly helpful videos at Dancing Rain Dolls.  They gave me a preview of the final product and gave me hope.

I wrapped the bald doll up with her hat and gave her to my daughter on Christmas morning.  She didn’t mind at all that she didn’t have hair yet and told me that it was “her best baby ever.”  She was ever so patient with me as she watched me openly working on creating her doll’s hair and finally sewing it onto her doll.

Even with the hair drama, I can’t wait to make her baby doll a few friends in the coming years.


2 thoughts on “Doll Hair Update

  1. She’s just beautiful! Well done, mama!

    And, you know, most of my real life babies don’t get hair until they are like 1 or so … or later 😉 Seems normal to me this baby come into her mama’s world w/o hair 🙂

    Best Wishes!

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