No School

I declared yesterday evening that instead of starting back with lessons for school like planned today that we would take another week off.  Between my grandpa being taken off the ventilator today and not knowing what will come of that, James going on a business trip to New Orleans for the majority of the week, and my lack of finalizing plans for lessons, I thought it would do all of us good to have a little extra “vacation” time.  But the funny thing is that since I announced the time off to the family, we’ve done all kinds of learning!

James and Alex have been in the garage wood working:

They put together two more raised beds for the garden and made these for our nature table and for playing of course:

The boys put a couple of puzzles together.  We’ve read a ton of favorite books.  Alex is trying to hatch some brine shrimp while doing every aspect of laundry on his own!  Izzy has been learning all about sewing and farm life:

And the boys spent all afternoon with microscopes  that they received as Christmas presents.

Yep, just another day off from school!


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