Preparing for the Chicken Pox

My dear husband called me a half an hour ago to inform me that a little 7-month-old guy at the birthday party we attended over the weekend was diagnosed with shingles this morning and “isn’t contagious.”

Hmmmm?!  An infant with shingles?!

According to my little bits of research, he could have shingles if he was vaccinated for the Varicella virus, but that doesn’t typically happen until 12-15 months of age.  And if he does indeed have singles, anyone who has not had the chicken pox could indeed contract it.  Or maybe this little guy has the beginning stages of chicken pox?  Who knows!?

In any case, there’s not much to do but wait and see.   Any advice for making preparations for the chicken pox?


3 thoughts on “Preparing for the Chicken Pox

  1. Other than inviting friends over for a party? 😉

    I have Rosemary Gladstar’s book of herbal remedies for children…I’ll dig it out. There’s lots of good natural remedies in there.

  2. I remember having the chicken pox twice and it was awful!! AWFUL!! Lots of calamine lotion and oatmeal for oatmeal baths to stop itching. Maybe ice packs for itching. Popsicles for sore throats that get covered in pox and general sick/feel good comfort foods…soups/easy to swallow jello…etc. Maybe some new bath toys to encourage them to stay longer in the tub to soak out the itchies.

  3. Yes, notify your friends and invite them over. 🙂

    Oatmeal baths are soothing. Other than that, it’s about occupying them and keeping them comfortable as with any illness. I remember my bout with the pox fondly. 🙂

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