Hidden Treasures

Life is busy these days.  Just keeping to the basics has been a challenge.  The baby had yet another cold this past week (or maybe she was teething?) and there were many sleep-less nights.  Through a difficult grouchy week, I still managed to smile plenty along the way and be thankful for my many treasures hidden along the way:

  • The mini Bakugon hidden in a little pair of muddy blue jeans.
  • And then the itty bitty Playmobil puppy dog remaining behind in the washer. (Yes, he is still so small!)
  • Winning the Seasons of Joy Spring e-book!  What a great and wonderful resource!!
  • A small, lone daffodil in the midst of where the children and dog stomp and play (it was picked by a little 3yo shortly after it’s discovery.)
  • Breakfast in bed!
  • Day out with Daddy – oh how I missed them!
  • Whistling – Jackson just learned how!
  • A chipmunk!  Nova didn’t get them all!
  • Painted little toenails.
  • A bookshelf at Goodwill’s 50% off day.
  • Knitting a doll sweater in less than a week.
  • Coffee, even if it is decaf!
  • Dancing the baby to sleep in the dark kitchen (because it’s the only place where I won’t step on a toy.)
  • Hanging sweet little baby clothes to dry on the clothesline.
  • Hulu.
  • Calvin and Hobbes comic book also found at Goodwill by a very excited little guy.
  • Finding the missing pink sock while they still fit her!
  • An unexpected visit from a friend.
  • Composte that we didn’t think was working all winter, but was.

What have your hidden treasures been this week?


4 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. These roses smell good. I just wish I could remember to stop and smell them more often. Thanks for being my reminder honey, I love you.

  2. You are so right. Thank you for the reminder. It’s hard to remember why your upset when you start thinking about all our many blessings. I hope you little one gets better soon.

  3. Belly laughs and unforgettable toddler quotable quotes

    Hearing Delaney and Daddy read aloud to each other, a new favorite hobby for them both

    Several delicious soup experiments

    Homemade (intoxicating) kombucha

    The opportunity to sit and let my children run, naked and wild, for the first time in almost a year, while I sat down and rested.

    Realizing that my cooking tastes better than taco bell

    Reuniting with my hubby over late-night philosophy


    Trader Joe’s

    When the Big Bad Thing isn’t as scary as it looked from afar

    Being reminded to count my blessings, counting you as one. ❤

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