Catching Up!

We had an incredibly busy March and beginning of April.  Just so I can feel like I’m caught up, I’m going to post a bunch of pictures.

We celebrated Izzy’s 3rd birthday:

I helped a dear friend celebrate her second pregnancy with a mama blessing and henna’d her beautiful baby belly:

I gave Izzy’s baby doll hair and pigtails.  I also knit her a cute cardigan using Waldorf Mama’s pattern.  Izzy named her baby Abigail.

We drove to Texas:

I got my haircut:

Introduced Baby Autumn to Grandpa:

Celebrated Alex turning NINE!?!

Welcomed Aunt Megan to the family: (sorry for the bad picture.  I was on kid patrol and didn’t get a chance to take decent pictures.  I did, however, get to dance with my husband.)

The kids got all dressed up:

Had some impromptu family fun in St. Louis:

We just got home yesterday and my to-do list is a mile long.  We’ll start back up with school on Monday to help mama catch up.


5 thoughts on “Catching Up!

  1. Awesome busy month! I have some really good outside pix of the henna after I washed the ink off that I need to post. 🙂

  2. Whew you were not kidding. Welcome back and happy late birthday’s to Izzy and Alex. You did a great job on Abigail’s hair. I am from KC MO seeing the Arch makes me think of home and my family.

    What cuties you have 🙂

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