Back to School Plans

After a two-week long Spring Break, we’re back in full lesson mode today.  I’m so glad that we took the remainder of last week off rather than trying to jump back in.

So here’s what I’m planning for the rest of the year:

This week, Alex is studying Moses from Journey to the Promised Land by Jacob Streit.  We’ll be working our way through the remainder of the stories in the book before switching over to another Native American block in May.

Since we were traveling during Easter and Passover, we’ll take some time this week to reflect on both Holidays and do some hand-on activities in the kitchen.  We have a fridge full of farm eggs so we’ll likely even dye some eggs just for fun.

We’ll be doing math review during April and May by using the Land of Pnome that was recommended by Out Little Nature Nest.  Alex is gonna love this!

Throw in some recorder, knitting, and gardening and we have ourselves full plate!

I admit that I’ve been slacking in the circle time department all winter long, and I’m happy to report that it’s making a come back!  Since winning Season of Joy’s Spring book, I have no excuses, and we had a successful circle time this morning.

I’ve decided to order Dorothy Harrer’s English Manual to get a better handle on our English studies.  It’s more for next year planning than this year, but it couldn’t hurt.

I’ll come back and add hyperlinks later, but for now, I have a grabbing baby on my lap that wants to “help.”


2 thoughts on “Back to School Plans

  1. sounds great! how are you doing the daily lessons with your other littles around? do you do any one-one time with the others? (can you telll i am still trying to figure this out’?

  2. I’m trying to wrap my ahead around 3rd grade for next year … I’m a little intimidated. Any tips? Favorite resources you’ve loved?

    Isn’t Seasons of Joy fun? I love how Annette includes ideas for babies, too 🙂

    Best Wishes and happy Spring!

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