We switched gears with our handwork from knitting to crocheting in the last month or so.  Knitting was getting to be a chore for Alex, and it was definitely time for something new.  We did a wee bit of leather work with our final Native American block (by getting leather kits at Hobby Lobby.)  And then we took to learning crocheting.  I’m a newbie to the art of crocheting as well, so it’s something that we learned together.  I did it my way by watching YouTube videos, and tried to teach Alex the skills as I mastered them.  We were doing okay, but I needed some ideas for simple projects and went to the library.  Alex found Kids Learn to Crochet, he taught himself the remainder of the skills and is already on his third project!  He’s really enjoying crocheting!

His first project (beyond a chain stitch rope) was this finger puppet/pencil topper bird.  He did all the sewing on his own as well!


5 thoughts on “Crocheting

  1. Awesome!
    I still have ‘learn to crochet’ on my long list. I have figured out some basic stitches but haven’t made the time to put it together for anything.
    Now I think learning to spin is going to happen first.

  2. So cool! I’m really proud of him. It’s so neat to see him doing it in the picture. He’s got a great skill that will last him a lifetime.

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