A bag (and a beautiful model too!)

Made using the Craft Apple Diaper Bag pattern from material bought on sale at IKEA!

Now to finish using the material to make a changing pad, a new mei tai baby carrier, and a mini diaper bag for my helper!



We had a storm blow in the other night, pretty normal for this time of year around here.  Only this time. the wind blew a little stronger and our blue spruce next to the house went down.

Lucky for us, it fell away from the house onto our fence and into the empty schoolyard next to us.Jackson adored exploring the roots and interesting things under the tree.

And since these strange things only happen when my husband goes out of town for work, I called my mama to see if she had a chainsaw that she could lend us for the weekend.

She came right over after work and lumberjacked away on that tree for two hours!  My mama ROCKS!

Last Week’s Garden Harvest

We harvested the last of the broccoli, pulled the plants to make room for planting pumpkins and acorn squash.  We also harvested some cauliflower, spinach, and Swiss chard.  Cabbage will be harvested this weekend, as well as some sweet peas!  Cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes are all growing well.  Corn is almost waist-high.  Potatoes and onions are starting to flower.  Herbs are looking good too!