Summer Days!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We’ve been keeping busy:

Splashing and Swimming

Watching thunderstorms roll in and out


crafting paper lanterns

Living History

Enjoying the Tales of Tiptoes Lightly (and mama learning to needle felt “Jeremy Mouse”)

Just being outside

Planning for School Days

Sewing too – well hopes of sewing anyway!


3 thoughts on “Summer Days!

  1. oh, my goodness, what a wonderful summer you’re having! LOVE that swim suit – and all those baby rolls 🙂 What a charmer she is!

    Yes, we’ve had quite the summer for thunderstorm watching, haven’t we? Looks like more rockin’n’rollin’ this week, too ….

    Best wishes!

  2. Oh my how fast your sweet babe is growing. We are Tiptoes fans too, I want to learn to needle felt SO bad but have this hang up about blood and am a little scared.

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