Grade 4 – Local Geography Plans

I decided to use Marsha Johnson’s files on planning local geography.  I also found a textbook at my library that lined up fairly well with what Mrs M described.  My goal was to combine them, leave out the Q&A of the textbook, let my 4th grader independently read the material (he’s begging for more independence and I’ll be doing kindy work with the little ones), have projects, and take many field trips.  Not purely Waldorf, but it’s what works for my family.  I’m planning on a big road trip each weekend so the entire family can enjoy.  I tried to overplan a bit so we can pick and choose as we go along.

Week 1 – Shape of the Land (camping at Dunes/Lake Michigan)


  • read 33-37, summary and picture in MLB
  • start paper mache map of IN (draw map in MLB first)
  • draw timeline on pg 28 in MLB
  • (define vocab words)

Rivers & Lakes

  • read 38-41, summary in MLB, read pg 30-31
  • add rivers and lakes to map (blue glue, yarn, roving, blue tissue paper)

Climate & Weather

Natural Resources

    • read pg 53-57, picture of natural resources in MLB or mosaic of a natural resource

    Independent Reading: The Bears of Blue RiverThe Great Lakes

    Mapping:  Draw map of our yard.  Include trees, plants, bushes, structures, compass rose

    Week 2 – Natives (Mounds State Park)

    Hunters->Gathers->Farmers->Mound Builders

    • read pg 61-65
    • build a model mound
    • Work on copying poem
    • (vocab)

    Local Indian Tribes: Miami, Lenape, Shawnee

    • MOM READING: This was their place PDF
    • read pg 67-71
    • copy timeline on pg 71
    • Summary of Miami tribe
    • (Draw map of Native American Tribes in IN – pg 70)
    • Find natural dyes by taking cardstock outside and testing various plants, flowers, berries, and barks

    French Explorers and Traders (LaSalle)

    • read 72-77
    • Write about La Salle
    • Set-up a trading post


    • read 78-87
    • roleplay of conversation between Clark and Hamilton before surrender of Fort Sackville

    Independent Reading: The Miamis J970.3 MIAMI Baxter, Despite All Obstacles: La Salle and the Conquest of the Mississippi JB LA SALLE, ROBERT Goodman

    Mapping:  Draw our neighborhood.  Include landmarks, street names, compass rose, our house.

    Handwork: Weaving – project in Living Crafts, Spring 2009

    Week 3 – Pioneer/Migration (Ohio River/Corydon, IN)

    NW Territory – the division of land

    • copy timeline on pg 96-97
    • read pg 98-117
    • Roleplay of Battle of Tippecanoe
    • Copy Indiana poem
    • (Visit Lafayette)
    • (Cause and Effect diagram pg 115)

    19th State

    • read 118-122
    • draw state flag, bird, tree, etc. in MLB
    • Mark Corydon, Vincennes, and Indianapolis on paper mache map
    • (Vocab)

    Pioneer Settlement (Lincoln’s Family)

    Transportation (steamboats, canals, railroads)

    Independent Reading: Dog of Discovery J PRINGLE, LAURENCE, (Sacagawea JB SACAGAWEA St. George), Log Cabin in the Woods J977.2 Henry, Joanne, Any of the Laura Ingall Wlder books

    MOM READING Dune Boy

    Mapping:  Draw a map of our town.  Include compass rose, roads we mostly use, and the places we go most often

    Week 4 – Recent History (Indianapolis)

    Civil War-underground Railroad

    • read pg 158-171
    • (Follow the North Star 11/4 – 11/20)
    • Summary in MLB
    • Draw time line on pg 156-157
    • (Vocab)

    Farming and manufacturing

    • read pg 172-185
    • Draw a product map in MLB (pg 181)
    • (State Fair 8/6-6/22, 8/19 free for veterans!)
    • Join 4-H
    • Visit local farm
    • Finish projects and picture scrapbook of field trips

    World Wars

    • read 189-211
    • Interview Great-Grandma(s) about their childhood and family life (write down questions and we’ll go visit them so you can ask in person)
    • Watch the movie Hoosiers
    • Finish projects and picture scrapbooks

    Independent Reading: A Child’s History of Indianapolis J977.252 Mallett Ann, H is for Hoosier J977.2 Reynolds, Cynthia

    Mapping: Draw a treasure map, follow a treasure map!

    Music: On the banks of the wabash, Back home Again in Indiana, John Cougar Mellencamp


    One thought on “Grade 4 – Local Geography Plans

    1. Wow your lay out looks great !!! There are SO many great road trips right here in our state, we are very lucky.

      Many wishes for a great school year, I am glad to be trailing along another year :).

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