Back to School…

Today was our first day of kindy and 4th grade.  It went pretty well even though I was up all night with a sick baby.  Here’s a peak at our day:

7:30 The kids all woke up on their own excited over cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  They got dressed, made beds, and brushed teeth.  Jack and Iz helped with frosting.

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 Family Chore Time – This was a first trial run and, oh my goodness, it is staying around!  The kids cleared the table, washed dishes, swept the floor, picked  up the living room and vacuumed all in 30 minutes.  Everyone was cheerful about it and it gave me the chance to set activities up.

9:00 Circle Time – All the kids were so excited to do this again.  We tried to sing some new songs.  We threw beanbags, did fingerplays, and ring-around-the-rosie.

9:30 Main Lesson for 4th grade.  I spent 10 minutes with Alex introducing his ML.  After he finished his ML, he moved onto his secondary lesson.  Meanwhile, I sent Jackson and Izzy outside to ride bikes.

9:40 Story time for kindy followed by activity – We read a story from EarthSchooling and made clay beads.  They had so much fun that they continued modeling with play-dough for a good chunk of the day.

11:15 Lunch prep

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Nature Walk

1:00 Quiet Time – Alex read three chapters from The Bears of Blue River while I read a few stories to the little ones.  And then I asked Jackson and Izzy to each stay on their couch with a blanket and rest.  Jackson paged through a picture book.  Izzy just watched me while I ironed some fabric.  Yet again, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this worked!

2:00 Free play for the littles while Alex and I did a little sewing (then free time for him as well.)

4:00 Dinner prep

5:30 Dinner

So, quite a successful first day!  Now if I could get the kitchen fairy to come clean up after dinner…


2 thoughts on “Back to School…

  1. Oh, Pam! Thank you for sharing your day! I have been worrying about how certain parts of our day here would go with 4 young ones, but it looks like your plan worked so well! I always love stopping by here and being able to peek into your home!

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