WIP Wednesday

Lyalya hoodie ABC using Malabrigo (orchid) for Izzy’s Christmas present.  Love the color and the pattern!  Should be finishing it up today or tomorrow.

Making a Waldorf doll for Jackson.  This is Joy’s Waldorf 14″ Baby Companion doll pattern.  I already have the cap crocheted for the hair, so there’s a good chance that I’ll have the little guy done this weekend and can start sewing up two wardrobes of doll clothes.

This is a recently finished helmet liner for Jackson.  It was knit up using Cascade 220 paints and I will be casting on for another one, only in black, later on this week for Alex.  They won’t get them until Christmas.

And since I haven’t posted any pictures of my Citron since I finished it…

I think it’s cuter on the girls than on me,

but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it too!  It’s so yummy to have wrapped around my neck and shoulders, like a never-ending hug.  I wasn’t sure how useful this was going to be when I started it, but it has become a favorite since it came off the needles!



We celebrated Martinmas last week with a group of local (!!!!) Waldorf homeschoolers.  Our lovely hostess has a beautiful home on an awesome farm that is just perfect for a lantern walk!  We arrived around dusk (that’s 5:30 these days) and crafted out lanterns from glass jars and tin cans.We enjoyed watching the animals on the farm and warming ourselves near the bonfire .

We gathered for a blessing and shared a meal, each person sharing a bit off their own plate with someone else in St. Martin fashion.  My 3 and 6 year old LOVED that part!

We then lit up the lanterns and slowly gathered the children together to sing while walking the perimeter of the farm.  Our hostess had a lovely voice that led the way and a sweet border collie herded us along to make sure no one got lost.

We even got to meet a blogging friend and her beautiful family.  Our kids got along so well and it was so cool to listen to their conversations!

We gathered around the bonfire and listened to a story and then helped the gnomes clean up the grounds by throwing sticks and brush into the fire – oh how Jackson loved that part!

It was lovely evening!

Pumpkin Patch

One of our favorite traditions is going to the pumpkin patch each year so the kids can pick out their pumpkins. We went the day before Halloween this year. The weather finally cooled off and gave us a crisp fall day that we all enjoyed. The fields were a little picked over, but there were still some hidden treasures. While walking back to our wagon with our pumpkins, Jackson spotted this:

Do see the little hidden field mouse in there?