We celebrated Martinmas last week with a group of local (!!!!) Waldorf homeschoolers.  Our lovely hostess has a beautiful home on an awesome farm that is just perfect for a lantern walk!  We arrived around dusk (that’s 5:30 these days) and crafted out lanterns from glass jars and tin cans.We enjoyed watching the animals on the farm and warming ourselves near the bonfire .

We gathered for a blessing and shared a meal, each person sharing a bit off their own plate with someone else in St. Martin fashion.  My 3 and 6 year old LOVED that part!

We then lit up the lanterns and slowly gathered the children together to sing while walking the perimeter of the farm.  Our hostess had a lovely voice that led the way and a sweet border collie herded us along to make sure no one got lost.

We even got to meet a blogging friend and her beautiful family.  Our kids got along so well and it was so cool to listen to their conversations!

We gathered around the bonfire and listened to a story and then helped the gnomes clean up the grounds by throwing sticks and brush into the fire – oh how Jackson loved that part!

It was lovely evening!


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