WIP Wednesday

Lyalya hoodie ABC using Malabrigo (orchid) for Izzy’s Christmas present.  Love the color and the pattern!  Should be finishing it up today or tomorrow.

Making a Waldorf doll for Jackson.  This is Joy’s Waldorf 14″ Baby Companion doll pattern.  I already have the cap crocheted for the hair, so there’s a good chance that I’ll have the little guy done this weekend and can start sewing up two wardrobes of doll clothes.

This is a recently finished helmet liner for Jackson.  It was knit up using Cascade 220 paints and I will be casting on for another one, only in black, later on this week for Alex.  They won’t get them until Christmas.

And since I haven’t posted any pictures of my Citron since I finished it…

I think it’s cuter on the girls than on me,

but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it too!  It’s so yummy to have wrapped around my neck and shoulders, like a never-ending hug.  I wasn’t sure how useful this was going to be when I started it, but it has become a favorite since it came off the needles!


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. You have been a busy Mama ! I have yet to start anything. You should hear the big Ahs by the girls coming from this end of the computer when I showed them your post :).

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