{This Moment}



Some of our preparations for Advent this year:

Not sure which story we will read this year.  We greatly enjoyed The Light in the Lantern last year.  I scored Mary’s Little Donkey on Paperback swap a few months back, so we’ll probably give that one a try.  I also try to do a Jesse tree with readings each day during Advent.

We cleared our Autumn treasures from the nature table and started anew.  Jackson and I created a spiral from seashells collected from a North Carolina beach that we used to visit when we lived there.  We’re using stones, shells, and bones this first week and will add plants the second, animals the third, and humans the fourth week of Advent.  I’m attempting to needle felt Mary to ride on our little donkey, and depending on how that goes, I may also attempt St. Nicholas and St Lucy.

I bought our Advent wreath this year from our Christmas tree farm.  I passed it up last year and regretted it all Season.  Now that I have the base and the candles holders, we can use trimmings from our future Christmas trees to create our own in coming years, at least that’s the plan.  My husband placed our nativity figures in the middle to remind us what to center on.

We goes to Dull’s Christmas tree farm every year to cut down our own tree.  This year grandma and grandpa came with us.

And while we were there, we pose on the sleigh long enough for the camera to capture a decent picture for our Christmas cards.  We don’t send out very many, but it means the world to my grandmothers and others that don’t keep up with us using the computer.

Plenty of Holiday crafting around here too.  Alex wet felted some berries for a yarn wreath he made.  Not sure what other crafts we will be doing.  I tend to pick them out last minute using blogs for inspiration.

And I’m trying not o get overwhelmed with all that is on my to-do list by focusing on what I get done each day.  We try to keep most of our gift-giving handmade, and I usually bite off more than I can chew, and this year is no exception.  Now back to my knitting, baking, sewing…