Yarn Along

I got a couple inches in length in this past week and split for the arms, so my featherweight cardigan looks a bit different from last week.  Yay for progress!  With any luck, I’ll need that second skein of yarn this week, but that may be wishful thinking.

And the book is Little Girls, Big Style.  I just picked it up from the library last night after requesting that they order it.  I love the library!  It breaks all those beautiful boutique girls clothes into four basic patterns for sizes 2 to 6.  Even if you’ve never sewn, this book goes over the basics and you could totally sew up some super sweet outfits for your little girl in no time.  I need to fish through the fabric I have on hand and find some time to put these patterns to good use before Miss Izzy’s birthday next month!

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5 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. I had seen that book somewhere recently and wondered about it. I’m definitely a beginner sewer, so I’m glad to hear that it covers some of the basics. And I love the yarn you’re using for your sweater. What a beautiful green!

  2. What a cute little book! I have four girls, but all but one are in sizes bigger than size 6 … Oh well! Maybe for the littlest one! Your cardi looks so pretty!

  3. I’ll have to look into that book…I have another little girl (after 4 boys in a row!) and I love making clothes for her, but am a real novice on hte sewing machine.

    Love the spring-green of the sweater. I am making progress on a sweater myself, albeit slowly.

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