The Big Melt

Oh to be outside again without a coat!  We all ventured outside to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather that melted our thick layers of ice.  The kids found the mud puddles first and soaked their pants and boot.  Upon making their way back to the house, Alex and Izzy got stuck in the mud and both had to be extracted by mama.  Alex was not so keen on walking on snow barefooted, but all was forgiven when the bikes, shovels, and pails came out of the garage!


One thought on “The Big Melt

  1. We too have been enjoying the warm weather. I cracked up when you said you lost two in the mud(I know probably not funny at the time).

    The girls say thank you very much for the cards and necklaces. Alex’s was a big hit with Sky :).

    Wishing you a great week!

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