Fourth Grade Update

Alex just finished up the Norse Mythology block and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We struggled to get a rhythm going at first, but part of it was due to illness and holiday vacation recovery.  We followed Christopherus’ plans using the D’Aulaire’s Nose Mythology book, though we dropped the poem memorization and many of the paintings.

The most special part of this unit was the fountain pen that I gave to Alex for his main lesson work.  This was the same pen I used to address our wedding invitations and you could see the honor in Alex’s eyes when I passed this pen onto him.  He became passionate about cursive handwriting since he had this pen.  When given the choice to draw a picture or summarize a story, he always chose to write a summary.  I think it just reinforced his love for words.

In trying to balance out his lessons, I’ve been encouraging more handwork and recorder practice.  He immediately took to knitting and enjoyed getting back into the habit!  It helps that with the knitting, we indulge in a bit of screen time every so often.  We also took the plunge and signed up the boys for soccor in the spring.

Thanks to our temporary lack of fencing, it has been Alex’s responsibility to walk the dog everyday.  This has been such a wonderful task for him to get outside each and every day, multiple times, regardless of the weather.  The bond between dog and boy has only grown, and the pair are often found cuddled together with a good book.

Alex has also been in the kitchen more, cooking and baking.  He’s made pancakes completely on his own, and also enjoys making cornbread.  He usually makes sandwiches for himself and his siblings a couple times a week for lunch and takes pride in his ability to help out.  He’s been copying each new recipe that he makes into his notebook, so he can use it whenever inspiration hits.  We’re loving this stage, but need to work a little bit more with the whole clean-up aspect.


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