Yarn Along

I’m taking a wee little break from my cardigan to knit up a quick little present for my soon to be 4-yo.  She has been obsessed with “dance class” for the past 2-3 months, usually sporting leotards and tights most days and nights.  She’s never had a dance class, but this too shall change in the coming year.  Anyway, I’m working on a pair of leg warmers with the Knit Picks new Chroma yarn.  She loves the yarn and has been begging me to make something – anything – for her with it.

As for reading, the kids and I have been enjoying the adventures of Tiptoes Lightly in The Lost Lagoon.  If you are a Tiptoes fan, Reg Down has been kind enough to post his latest book The Starry Bird for free online for a wee bit.  Perfect timing since it’s an Easter tale!  We’ll be diving into it this week!

Make sure to visit Ginny at Small Things to see more Yarn Alongs!

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5 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. oooooooo, i like that yarn! i saw it online and in the catty, but to see it as a fabric and on needles by a real person…oooooooo! and, hey, thanks for the link to story — i’m off to see it!

  2. The yarn you are using is “cool.” It looks perfect for spring.
    Dance classes are so much fun and I look forward to when
    the little one here is old enough to attend.

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