The Week Ahead

I love the Sneak Peak of the Week posts that Kara does at Rockin’ Granola.  So in an effort to keep myself organized, I thought I would also share our plans for the week.

Mama’s To-Do’s

  • Alex’s room needs another coat of paint
  • Move pool and refill for many afternoons of swimming
  • Continue knitting my Shalom sweater
  • Get to quilting
  • Pinafores for the girls
  • Catch up on reading Love and Anger: The Parenting Dilemma for the read-along at Parenting Passageway
  • Make eye and dentist appointments
  • Work on budget


  • Finish reading Paddle to the Sea
  • Finish regional maps of the US
  • Gather and sew 4th grade lessons into main lesson books.
  • Continue knitting with Jackson.  He has been knitting in the evenings while I read a couple of chapters of Tiptoes Lightly at bedtime.  He claims to be just as good at knitting as mama.  Daddy asked him to knit him a coaster, so Jackson is super excited to finish this project up before Father’s Day.
  • We’re up to the letter O in our letter per week focus.  It’s become a lot more relaxed and is more like a weekly discussion of each letter rather than anything formal, but it’s just enough to satisfy the little ones’ request for lessons.
  • Our seasonal theme this week is roses and the lovely flowers of June.  I see some bouquets making their way inside!
  • Fifth grade planning.  For anyone else planning 5th grade, please stop by Meredith’s blog to see her notes!

In the Kitchen

  • Making strawberry jam from local berries
  • Making ricotta from some extra raw milk
  • Freezing some enchilada
  • Cleaning out the fridge
  • Organizing the pantry
  • Fudge popsicles

Activities of the Week

  • LLL meeting – my turn to lead!
  • Work at produce co-op and pick up milk
  • Take kids to splash park
  • Gather with friends to do this activity

Meal Plan

  • ground beef stroganoff, peas
  • chicken enchiladas, black beans, corn
  • homemade pizza
  • chicken potpie with biscuit top
  • breakfast dinner
  • grilled butterflied chicken, purple mashed potatoes, asparagus
  • mahi mahi, brown rice, broccoli (from the garden!)
What are your plans for the week?

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