Is anybody there?

Wow!  It’s been almost 2 years since I last posted.  What happened!?


I had drafts for the next week saved and ready to go and hopes of posting regularly after a small blogging break.  I had great intentions, but a power higher than myself said it wasn’t meant to be.  Our house was struck by lightning the day following the last post.  It killed all of our electronics, including the computer.  Insurance covered most of it, but I took it as a sign to spend less time with said electronic and more time with my family and friends.  And what a blessing it has been!

I’m hoping to make a come-back here in blog land, one small step at a time.

Thank you to those who commented recently or nudged me online or IRL to get back to blogging!  You are wonderful!


3 thoughts on “Is anybody there?

  1. Love the stories and the pictures…thanks for sharing this my sweet daughter…(in-law) Don’t want to steal you from your parents but if I could, I most definitely would!

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