Introducing Emma!


I had an easy pregnancy and birth with Emma.  She came on Father’s Day last year and what a gift she has been!  Labor was again less than an hour with the midwife arriving afterwards.  Emma was born in the the caul weighing in at a petite 6 pounds 4.5 ounces.


Emma has been a very sweet and laid back baby, but I had a difficult time postpartum.  I lost my grandmother and was trying to do too much emotionally and physically, which took its toll.  I had to admit that I’m older and that I have limits, not always such an easy lesson.  I was blessed to have good friends that helped take care me.


She’s happy to nurse, happy to sleep, happy to be held by a sibling or to be snuggled up against mama in the moby or ergo.


And how we all adore her!  She has daddy wrapped around her finger and brothers and sisters fighting to be near her.IMG_5905

She’s recently become mobile, rolling and scooting where she wants to go.  And the “put everything in the mouth” games have begun.


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