I am beautiful

My husband tells me this everyday.  I smile and give the obligatory thank you, glad that he thinks so.  I glance in the mirror and wonder why he thinks as much.  I just don’t see it.  All I see in the reflection is a tired, plain woman with kind eyes, the same hairstyle, too much weight here, a blemish there.  I pretend to be happy with what I see for the benefit of the 2 growing boys and the 3 little girls that watch.

IMG_7120I look through the computer photo albums searching for a time where I was happy with what I saw, a goal to return to.  Only I look and look and look to find not one image where I was happy with the way I look.   Again, I see flaws, but I see something else too.

I see my son hugging me full of love.

IMG_4152I see 2 of my kids feeling so safe and calm that they find sleep.

I see my littlest of little girls looking for all the answers in my eyes.

IMG_4842I see a princess dressed up and waiting to go to a magical tea party

IMG_6262And I see him looking at me again…

IMG_5927 like when he returned from being stationed overseas, when he proposed, when we said “I do,” when we became parents 5 times over.

And I begin to see what he sees, what they all see:



4 thoughts on “I am beautiful

  1. I agree! I make myself print or post pics of myself even though I *never* look as awesome as I wished I did. Ah, my family is (generally) happy and they love me a lot and that’s a wonderful reflection of my beauty, my TRUE beauty. 🙂

  2. I always look at how beautiful each of my kids are and realize that I am a part of them and if they are so amazingly beautiful, then it follows that I must have some of that beauty inside too. You are one of the most beautiful people I know, it’s one of the reasons I love to photograph your family. It’s so easy to get a “good shot” when the subject exudes joy and beauty. Kids are easy because they always do, it’s rare to find an adult (myself included!) who can push past their insecurity. I’m still working on this to model it for my 3 boys and (almost) 2 girls. Love this post! Can’t wait to see more!

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