Milo for My LO

I loved this pattern the first time I saw it make the rounds on various blogs a couple years back and immediately went to ravelry and bought it.  But for whatever reason, I thought it was suited for a little boy and mine were too big for it.  What about my little girls!?  Why did I not think of how sweet and wonderful a little girl would look in this vest!?  <Shaking my head!>

Thankfully, I have a dear friend that helped me see the error of my ways as she knit up a glorious Milo for her wee baby girl due this spring.  After seeing it in all of the purple yumminess, I grabbed some Swish (worsted) in kindling and cast on one of my own.

I was aiming for the 12 mo size because I had exactly 220 yards of yarn and I thought it would be a little big, but wearable for this Spring and perfectly sized for all the cold weather next year has to offer.  I knew I was taking a small chance by knitting with a worsted weight yarn instead of the DK weight the pattern called for, and I began to worry if I had enough yarn for the whole project or if I was going to do it again (during pregnancy I ran out of yarn before finishing at least 3 different projects.) But onward I knitted, trusting the process, and knowing that Knit Picks was fully stocked with my yarn (maybe this is just my way of making myself order more yarn?!)IMG_6962

I could see the end of my yarn when I was knitting the trim at the bottom and the suspense when I made the measurement and it was time to cast off was exciting.  I honestly didn’t think I would make it, but in the end I was left 1 yard of leftover yarn, just 1!!!

IMG_6969In the end I think it looks lovely on my little lady!  Love the warmth of the browns and look forward to making some simple calico dresses for her to wear under it.  Ravelry notes here.



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