Spring Cleaning: Entryway

In the past, we’ve moved every 2 years or so.  We have no plans of moving, but I’m always amazed that I can manage to pack and clean while juggling the day-to-day stuff.  How is it when there is a move looming I can accomplish so much?  I decided that we deserve that new house clean and to put my time and energy towards a good spring cleaning and de-cluttering.  I’m being wise about it and joined a group to help motivate myself to go slow and steady, one room at a time.  We’re following the checklists at OrganizedHome.com

So, keeping it real and honest…


IMG_7320Vacuum and saw left out.  Big rubbermaid full of baby clothes waiting for rotation.
IMG_7321Our daily shoe and jacket explosion.

IMG_7324We’ve been blessed with hand-me-downs (LOVE those!) and have a great assortment of girls’ shoes.  Autumn and I lined them by size.  She also tried on a few pairs, you know, just because.

IMG_7360I see a floor!!!

IMG_7361And shoes organized!  All boots are on the boot tray.  Boys’ shoes are in the milk crate to the left, girls’ to the right, and adult shoes on the floor next to them.  Each kid gets a coat hook.  Hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and dog leashes are in the basket.

IMG_7362Even a peek inside the coat closet!  All those shoes are now in labeled boxes by size and the vacuum is put away!

And just because life is funny, less than 2 minutes after I took the “after” pictures, the UPS man showed up…IMG_7363




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