Day 4: Five Favorite Blogs

A few months ago, this would have been easy.  I read my blogs every morning like my dad read his morning paper.  But Emma became mobile and Autumn is 3 so my time on the computer is usually in 2 minute increments and I’m lucky to play catch-up on my blogs once every week or two.

Posie Gets Cozy:  Such a lovely little space with a sweet little baby and yummy food, gorgeous pictures, and so much inspiration to sew and create.

Smitten Kitchen: Yum!  Love this blog for the recipes and the photographs of food!  I’ve made dozens of recipes from this blog and each and every one of them has been fantastic!

SouleMama: Love reading about Amanda’s adventures on her farm with her kids and all the sewing and knitting, gardening and canning, etc.  Just love all of it!

The Parenting Passageway: This is my favorite place to go to center myself for our parenting and homeschooling goals.  I love her child development posts!

Frontier Dreams: Another sweet, creative family that inspires me.


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