Day 6: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day will be a bit different this year.  My dear husband will be away so it’s just me and the kids.

So, I decided rather than feel sorry for myself, I will help my kids prepare for Mother’s Day.  Here’s what I’m doing ahead of time in order to make the day a success:

  • Talking with them about what they’d like to do.  What does Mother’s Day mean to them?  What would they like to do to celebrate?  How can we make their visions for the day come to life?
  • Giving them a pile of construction paper, glue, scissors, markers and crayons so they can make make cards if they want.  My 2 oldest can read and write, so they can assist the other two if needed.  And knowing my youngest, she’ll want to make pictures and cards for grandma more than anything.
  • Meal prep!  If I spend the time with the kids in the kitchen today, I can set them up for breakfast in bed tomorrow with minimal clean-up in the kitchen.  Same goes for dinner.  Crockpot dinner – I think so!
  • If I want flowers, then I better find a field where the kids can gather and pick them.
  • If they want to get a gift, then I’ll need to take them shopping and give them money or the supplies they need to create their gifts.

Here’s hoping for a wonderful, memorable Mother’s Day!


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