Day 8: First Job

When I was a little girl, my favorite thing about Spring was that my mom would sign us up for swim lessons at the local high school.  I positively loved those 2 weeks of being in the warm pool each night.  It’s no surprise that I joined the swimming and diving team in junior high and continued through all of high school or that my first job was being a swim instructor and diving coach.

I loved teaching little ones to swim!  So many different personalities and so much energy radiated through the little ones!  Some were scared and I got to gently help them overcome their fear.  And some were fearless, I had to be creative with them so they were safe.  Sometimes, it was the older kids that gained their confidence in the pool that really touched my heart.

It’s a job that I have come back to over the years, teaching at a local YWCA in college and offering private lessons while we lived in Texas.  And now, I get to teach my kids to swim and THAT is really awesome!Alex SM 502@0


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