Day 5: Fit and Healthy

I was tired from a long day and hungry, wanting to eat dinner, but I began running anyways.

I was slow and sluggish, but I ran anyways.

There were people watching me and I felt awkward and goofy, I looked straight ahead and ran anyways.

There was a hill that seemed a little bit steeper than last time, but I slowly put one foot in front of the other and ran anyways.

I was hot and could feel the sun shining down on my already sunburned shoulders, I ran anyways (hoping shade would be on the other side of the loop.)

There were athletes that were faster and stronger than me, that easily passed me, but I ran anyways.

I had a side cramp that hurt and I didn’t think I could go anymore, but I ran anyways.

My family was just on the other side of those trees, and I could catch a glimpse of them and hear their giggles.  I missed them, but I ran anyways.

I ran just as far as I did last time and tried to talk myself that it was okay to stop and not meet my goal today, but I didn’t listen and ran anyways.

It was 32 minutes of discomfort, me closing myself off to the world, yet opening my eyes to it.

Of setting my sites on that tree branch, a bench, a path, a rock, a road just a little bit ahead of me and making it there only to find another to help me go a little further.

I did it and I am strong.