Day 8: First Job

When I was a little girl, my favorite thing about Spring was that my mom would sign us up for swim lessons at the local high school.  I positively loved those 2 weeks of being in the warm pool each night.  It’s no surprise that I joined the swimming and diving team in junior high and continued through all of high school or that my first job was being a swim instructor and diving coach.

I loved teaching little ones to swim!  So many different personalities and so much energy radiated through the little ones!  Some were scared and I got to gently help them overcome their fear.  And some were fearless, I had to be creative with them so they were safe.  Sometimes, it was the older kids that gained their confidence in the pool that really touched my heart.

It’s a job that I have come back to over the years, teaching at a local YWCA in college and offering private lessons while we lived in Texas.  And now, I get to teach my kids to swim and THAT is really awesome!Alex SM 502@0


Day 4: Five Favorite Blogs

A few months ago, this would have been easy.  I read my blogs every morning like my dad read his morning paper.  But Emma became mobile and Autumn is 3 so my time on the computer is usually in 2 minute increments and I’m lucky to play catch-up on my blogs once every week or two.

Posie Gets Cozy:  Such a lovely little space with a sweet little baby and yummy food, gorgeous pictures, and so much inspiration to sew and create.

Smitten Kitchen: Yum!  Love this blog for the recipes and the photographs of food!  I’ve made dozens of recipes from this blog and each and every one of them has been fantastic!

SouleMama: Love reading about Amanda’s adventures on her farm with her kids and all the sewing and knitting, gardening and canning, etc.  Just love all of it!

The Parenting Passageway: This is my favorite place to go to center myself for our parenting and homeschooling goals.  I love her child development posts!

Frontier Dreams: Another sweet, creative family that inspires me.

Day 2: Spring is Here

IMG_8251Picnics outside on the blanket and diapers drying on the clothesline.

IMG_8241Leaves on the grapevines and potatoes starting to grow.IMG_8244Peas getting ready to climb.

IMG_8245Apple trees getting a little fuller.

IMG_8247Broccoli and tomato plants growing.

Asparagus and little ones filling up buckets at the rain barrel to water their plants.IMG_8253The first strawberry blossoms.

IMG_8249Herbs, some even made it through winter!
IMG_8250Salsa garden!IMG_7881Little ones helping to plan this year and next year’s crops.IMG_7984Our family working together outside everyday.IMG_8029Visitors to the garden to observe.IMG_8067Dandelions to pick!IMG_8183And many trips to the playground to play and swing!

Blog Everyday in May: Day 1

So my dear friend told me that she missed my blogging and encouraged me to join her in blogging every single day for the month of May.  Why not try!?

So Day 1 (cause I’m already playing catch-up just to begin, lol!):  5 lines to describe myself:

I love big and will give and give and give to those I hold dear.  I try to be the example for my kids and those around me.  I’m a scientist and research everything and then decide with my heart.  I need to be creative and have a project of some sort going at all times.  I am strong and smart and can do things that I didn’t think I could.IMG_8142

Winter Hiking

IMG_6735We love hiking as a family.  It gets us outside, moving, listening, and practicing patience with one another.IMG_6737

I especially like hiking in the cooler months.  It’s not so crowded at the state parks, and there are sometimes obstacles that make the hike exciting, like mud, ice, snow, and fallen branches.  The kids love these challenges, especially when you give them the go ahead to step in the mud and get dirty.

IMG_6740Sometimes you can’t trudge through the obstacles and you just have go off the path to make your way.  The boys love leading to find a “shortcut” back to the path.
IMG_6742 And what little girl doesn’t love to hold her daddy’s hand!?  IMG_6779

Is anybody there?

Wow!  It’s been almost 2 years since I last posted.  What happened!?


I had drafts for the next week saved and ready to go and hopes of posting regularly after a small blogging break.  I had great intentions, but a power higher than myself said it wasn’t meant to be.  Our house was struck by lightning the day following the last post.  It killed all of our electronics, including the computer.  Insurance covered most of it, but I took it as a sign to spend less time with said electronic and more time with my family and friends.  And what a blessing it has been!

I’m hoping to make a come-back here in blog land, one small step at a time.

Thank you to those who commented recently or nudged me online or IRL to get back to blogging!  You are wonderful!

A horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day

Earlier this week, Jackson was having a hard time dealing with his day.  Somebody else got a present for no reason and he didn’t.  Somebody else ate the last granola bar that he wanted to eat for breakfast.  His baby sister was being mean to him and his other sister didn’t want to play with him.  Mean old mom wouldn’t let him play wii even though he so desperately wanted to do so at 8 a.m.  Definitely, a horrible, terrible, no good very bad day from his perspective.

So not wanting to take what a frustrated, grumpy 6-year-old can dish out (and in large quantities, this one) I gave him big hugs and cuddles, and then I got creative, artistic, and improvised.

We found a cardboard box and turned it into a gnome house (I was wise that day and refrained from ever insinuating that it was a dollhouse, thank goodness!)  We glued on green construction paper to give the gnomes a yard.  Jackson and Izzy made playground equipment and gardens, a garage and a card, boats and a huge lake… all from cardboard and popsicle sticks.

I got into it too and put some furniture together.

All day long we worked on our gnome house and played with our creation.

The day may have had a bumpy start, but I tucked in a very happy little boy (who got along with his little sister all day long!)