I handed the camera over to Jackson and Alex one day not too long ago and told them to take a few pictures of me with my big ol’ pregnant belly (at 28 weeks.)  We were outside checking out the garden, swimming in the pool, and taking laundry off the line on a beautiful summer day.

Without further ado…

Alex, Iz and meCuddles and backrubAlex giving me a back rub - I love that boy!Under the lineFolding Laundry28 weeks side belly shotIt's Me!!


Ultrasound Update

All is well with baby.  He/she is measuring right on target and there is indeed only ONE baby in there!  The baby is head down and low.  Placenta is posterior and high.  Very active baby and the kids seemed to enjoy watching him/her on the screen, especially Alex.

Is it a boy or a girl?  Feel free to guess (I love hearing them), but we won’t know for another 4.5  more months.  The boys in the house all think boy and Izzy and I both think girl.

Not quite 20 weeks yet…

but I’m feeling HUGE!!!  Technically, I’m not even to the halfway point yet and will be growing bigger and bigger all summer.  Eeeks!

Almost 20 weeks

I get asked when I’m due by friends and strangers and when I say the end of October, the look on their face is priceless and full of surprise.  I’m pretty sure that they’re thinking much sooner than mid-autumn.  At least I can laugh at that for now.

I can feel the baby moving on a regular basis and this kid has some spunk!  I love that!

I went to see me midwife earlier this week and all seems well with me and the baby.  Good FHT and great blood pressure for mama.

I’ll be having an ultrasound soon, so I’m looking forward to getting a bit of  a blurry visual of baby.  We WILL NOT be finding out the gender until the birth.  I love this simple little surprise, though I must admit that I’m itching to know whether I should be knitting for a girl or a boy.  I have enough pregnant friends to share the knitted goodies with, so I really shouldn’t worry about it and just knit a bit of everything.

13 Weeks

13 Weeks

Ahh, the end of my first trimester and the beginning of the second.  I’m a happy pregnant lady most of the time, only suffering from a single day of  of migraine misery and insomnia around 3 AM.  Belly is steadily growing, which I can only assume means that I’m growing a great placenta and a healthy little one.

We met with a midwife last week and will likely hire her for prenatal care this week, so I’m looking forward to hearing that wonderful whoosh-whoosh sound of a heartbeat soon.

Things around the family are really starting to move into transition mode.  Izzy isn’t getting as much mama’s milk these days and is in a constant state of hunger.  Add this to her having her own toddler bed next to our “big” bed that she sometimes sleeps in and her starting to use the toilet and whoa –  she’s turning into a big girl in a blink of an eye!

Household tasks are also in transition.  With the family growing, I’ve noticed that dishwasher is being run more than once a day on some days.  Laundry is increasing ever so slightly.  I’m having to cook a bit more for meals.  And housework needs to be done more frequently.  I’m trying to adjust to the growing needs of our house and family while still taking it easy  and keeping something of a rhythm.  Oh, who am I kidding!?  I’ve failed at anything resembling a rhythm since being pregnant, but I’m trying to get back on track as I gain more energy and patience in my second trimester.

Pumpkin Hat

Pumpkin Hat

The knitting has begun for the little one due in October.  I started with a cute little pumpkin hat, modeled by Jackson’s doll.  Hopefully, it fits the baby a little better than it fits the doll.

I could stop myself from casting on a pair of newborn longies to match this hat, so that’s on my needles right now.

All these new projects got me thinking about Christmas knitting, so now that’s on my mind as well.  I figure I’ll have my hands full come the Holidays, so whatever I can get done now, the better off I’ll be then.

Birthday Season

Birthday girl!

We celebrated Izzy turning 2 last week!  She had a cold for the big event, but seemed to enjoy family, cake, and presents just the same.  She didn’t seem to mind at all that her brothers were playing with her new toys while she cuddled in mama’s arms for the following couple of days.

We also shared some big news with our family about another upcoming birthday – oh, sometime in October.  We’re thrilled to be expecting our fourth baby this fall.  The kids are pretty excited too.

Alex’s birthday is next on April Fool’s Day, turning 8 years old!  We have some party planning to do, something to do with dragons and phoenixes and being outside to play.