First Day of Main Lessons!

I’ll be honest that I don’t feel like I’ve planned or prepared near enough, but the show must go on.  The last minute planning that I was hoping to accomplish didn’t happen with daddy gone camping and the trip to the library failed when we discovered that they were closed not only on Labor Day, but also on Sunday.  I din’t find the book that I was hoping to find at Half-Price books, but I did find one that I wasn’t looking for and think it will be quite helpful in planning all of our Jewish celebrations and holidays.

Circle time went well with all the kids.  We continued with our story and theme from last week, since they’re both short weeks for us.  We added math review of the 2 times table in for Alex with the bean bag toss.  I also tossed it to Jackson, who took turns counting with me and Izzy, who just enjoyed the game of catch and throw.

We followed circle time with a quick snack of toast and strawberries before I attempted to get Jackson and Izzy set up in their activity so Alex and I could get a little one-on-one time for his main lesson.  We didn’t get around to painting Jackson’s dog house, so that was the activity for the little ones.  Jackson did his dog house and Izzy got a smaller cardboard box that she declared to be a doll house.  They loved the painting, but wanted me to “look at this mommy” many times over during Alex’s lesson.  Painting may not be the best activity during main lesson time – lesson learned for me.

Jack painting

As for Alex’s main lesson, I introduced the container story from A Little Garden Flower‘s third grade curriculum.  We talked about farming and chores a bit before I asked Alex to write a letter to “Oma.”  He composed the letter on his own very quickly and told me that he enjoyed our lesson.

DSCF9278We ate lunch and left for the chicken farm and co-op.  Visiting a farm ties right into our farming family that we’re talking about in our main lesson!

We got around to our secondary lesson after our errands and some outside play – including another dip in the pool.  We did our first recorder lesson, which Alex LOVED and caught onto very quickly (using the beginner recorder book from Oak Meadow and our cheap-o plastic recorders for now.)  He wanted to jump ahead to the next lesson and is begging for more tomorrow.


We did our Lively Language Lesson from Serendipity about nouns.  He enjoyed the picture books and at first tried to take a short cut in his assignment by writing very large when I walked away from the table.  He didn’t fool me though  😉 and we talked about how a job worth doing is worth doing well.


Tomorrow “Oma” will arrive and we will start the story of creation.

Oh and one more lesson for me:  Alex adored the Lyra pencils.  I ordered the skin tone set, thinking that they would compliment the colored pencils that we already had – decent quality ones that I invested in back in college.  Well, the Lyra ones are such a hit with Alex and with me that as soon as our budget permits, I will order a regular set.